Caring, Patience & Consistency are Necessary Ingredients for a Dog Trainer

Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher, LLC & Quinn working on obedience at a group class.

Working with dogs has been a lifelong passion for Marvin Pierce. He was born and raised in Bonne Terre, Missouri, spent some time in Texas as a young adult then made his way west to Oregon, a place he now calls home. He spent his youth begging his mom for “just one more dog.” Now, after dedicating himself to training dogs, Marvin is considered one of the best in the business. Owner of a ranch in Sherwood, Oregon, Marvin started in the path of a professional dog trainer, focused on a unique and highly valued skill set as an accomplished Stockdog trainer. Utilizing internationally recognized commands and developing a progressive program for training in the specific commands and actions, Marvin has been able to develop well respected Stockdog program and is a recognized expert. He has transferred many of these techniques into obedience training and expanded upon previous training platforms.

Marvins love for the outdoors, dogs, riding horses and working with cattle that have been the drive behind his success as a dog trainer and clinician. Because of what his well-trained dogs can do with large herds of cattle, Marvin gets to travel to ranches where cattle roam on 1000’s of acres. It’s here in these vast areas of land that Marvin and his dogs make a huge difference to a rancher and the cattle they need to bring in. It is amazing opportunities like this that keep Marvin striving to have some of the best stockdogs around!

Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher, LLC Dog Obedience Training

Through Marvins experiences working with and training dogs and handlers in private lessons, clinics, and the specialized Stockdog program, Marvin has become a sought after instructor for non-working dogs. His intuitive understanding of canine behaviors and instincts has enabled Marvin to quickly assess a dog’s specific behavioral problems and find a solution. Marvin gets exceptional responses from his clients and a great deal of his new clients come from referrals.

Please visit our Facebook page to get more acquainted with Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher, LLC. From here, you will be able to see all upcoming public appearances where you can easily meet and talk with him or call 503-730-0827 to schedule some time to work with your dog.  A Good Dog Is A Good Day and Marvin wants all your days to be the best they can be.