About Our Products

At Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher we offer training collars and videos that will help you work with your dog. Using the collars in conjunction with the techniques shown in the videos will greatly improve your dog’s learning curve.

Marvin Pierce also does dog demos at state and local fairs along the west coast where you can see him working with all kinds of dogs and problem behaviors.

You can also schedule a private lesson for your dog or attend one of Marvin’s dog clinics for additional hands-on training.


STALL MARK Command Collar
StarMark Collars Command Collars



Marvin Pierce WONT COME WHEN CALLED Jacket Final Marvin Pierce LOADING UP Jacket Final
Wont Come When Called Teach to “Load Up”
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Marvin Pierce DOGS THAT PULL Jacket Final Marvin Pierce Dogs That Chase Horses Jacket Final
Dogs that PULL Dogs that Chase Horses
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Get one or all of our short, instructional dog training videos to improve your dogs behavior and training.

Please visit our other site, Pierce’s Cow Dogs, for more videos on working with Cow Dogs, entertaining books and other products.