Dog Obedience Clinics

Training clinics are effective and affordableThe team approach to training dogs can be a great opportunity for one on one training interaction along with the added benefit of learning tips, tricks and tools through watching and listening alongside fellow trainees.

Obedience Clinics are generally 1 full day split in to a morning and afternoon class. You have the option of doing both sessions or the one that best fits into your schedule. For people with a young dog with a shorter attention capability, selecting one class versus two would be good option. If you have a seasoned, older dog, both sessions can be beneficial. Prior to any clinic, we like to gather all of the training points that you hope to learn about and touch on so that you can have a personalized experience even in a group setting.


Morning Sessions: usually run from 8:30am – 11:30am

Afternoon Sessions: usually run from 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Cost:  $100/session or $175 for the whole day


If you want to attend an event, please fill out the registration form for the Upcoming Clinic. After your registration form is submitted, you will need to pay for your session or sessions.


These clinics are limited in size so all teams have the opportunity for ample one on one time. To hold your spot for any event, there is a 50% non-refundable deposit that can be payable to “Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher, LLC” via check or PayPal “”

You can also use our “Conveniently Pay Online” page to pay for your class and/or clinic.

We look forward to working with you and your dog!

Hosting a Clinic with Marvin

Do you have a large indoor arena and friends who have dogs? Do you want to hold a Dog Obedience Clinic at your own facilities? Marvin will travel to your arena to conduct a Dog Obedience Clinic. There is a minimum of 6 working teams and a maximum of 9 for an event to occur.

As a host, if we are able to fill 6 working positions, you, the host, will be able to participate in both classes at no cost.

You’ll Provide:

  • Arena, restrooms
  • Advertising & promotion of clinic is appreciated
  • Tables for a potluck styled lunch or participants can bring their own lunch

Marvin Will Provide:

  • Advertising for the clinic on his website and social media platforms
  • Any additional equipment needed for training purposes

If you are interested in booking Marvin for a clinic, contact the office to make arrangements.