Private & Group Lessons For You & Your Dog

***All lessons last approximately 1 hour.***

Learn to enjoy walking your dog

At Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher, LLC., we can accommodate many different private lesson platforms. The most common would be a private meeting at our training facility but for special cases, we can come to your home for an additional fee.


Private Lessons:

     1st lesson: $100

     Additional lessons: $75



All of our group lessons are a maximum class size of 6 working teams. This helps to ensure that each working pair is guaranteed great one on one time. It also allows for growth while watching other participants.      


Group Lessons:

     4 Week Series: $200

     Drop in Lessons: $65 for each session


Please fill out the Obedience Lesson Form below and we will contact you to set an appointment. You can also call the office at 503-730-0827.


When you come to the training facility, it will not be your standard experience! As you leave your vehicle, you won’t be walking into a four-sided metal structure. First, you will be going through a horse barn, there might be cattle close by, dog kennels, you could encounter a chicken, goat or sheep, amongst many other potentials. Marvin will be there to assist you in this training opportunity. It might seem daunting but our goal is to enable you and your dog to be confident and experience fun in all situations. We also have an indoor and outdoor dog area to further test their obedience level.

We have an open door policy and thrive on continuous improvement, both verbal and literal. We want to be your greatest training experience.


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