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Training Programs

Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher

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Off leash board and train program

Are you looking for one of the best options to expedite the training process with your dog?

Then our off leash board and train program is your best option because we board and train your dog for three weeks, depending on the behavioral needs and temperament of your dog.

This fast tracks your dogs training as we equip you with the necessary tools to be the best possible leader for your dog.

Please contact us below if you are interested in our off leash board and train program located in Sherwood, Oregon 


Private Lessons

Are you looking for 1 on 1 lessons with a trainer? Private lessons are a great option to hone in on those dog training skills.

Some dog owners and dogs only need several private lessons to narrow down those training skills.

Please contact us at Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher located in Sherwood, Oregon for more information about private lessons or training.

Off leash board and train program
Private Lessons

Oregon Clinics

 The Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher team travels around Oregon to help dog owners understand their dog better. Clinics are one full day of learning, growth and fun between the dog owner and the dog.

Our goal with Oregon clinics are to equip dog owners with the best skills to lead their dog successfully and confidently.

Wondering about hosting a dog training clinic near you?

Give us a call at (503) 730-0827.

Upcoming clinics
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