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Training Programs

Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher

Off leash board and train program

Are you looking for a safe place to board and train your dog in Oregon? Then our off-leash board and train program is your best option because we board and train your dog for three weeks, depending on the behavioral needs and temperament of your dog. This fast tracks your dog's obedience training as we equip you with the necessary tools to be the best possible leader for your dog. Please contact us below if you are interested in our off-leash board and train program located in Sherwood, Oregon 

board and train off leash picture with our trainer at Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher

5 out of 5 star review - Chelsea Price

I sent my dog away for the board and train program for 3 weeks. He had severe separation anxiety to where I could not leave him alone ever. He was very reactivate to other dogs and I could not take him in public or walk him on a leash, he would constantly bark at everything and would chase anything he saw, he had a very high prey drive and had alot of aggression with dogs especially small dogs. He would constantly try to escape and go after things.

He has been home now for about a month and this was the best decision I have made for my dog Shadow. He is not anxious anymore and loves going in his crate. It is a normal thing now to leave him home alone and I am not ever worried because he has completely changed and is good now. All of the other areas he struggled with instantly went away and I can trust him as well as he can trust me. We love taking him out now and he is so fun and can now live a much better life.

Thank you Marvin and Bianca and the whole team for helping us be better and knowing what is best for our dog. We have changed our ways and everyday he is getting better. If you need help and your dog struggles with any of this please reach out to Marvin Pierce dog teacher they can do anything and I am so glad I trusted them with Shadow. I can't thank them enough I highly recommend them to anyone.

Off leash board and train program
Private Lessons

Aggressive dog training 

Are you looking for aggressive dog training near you?

Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher has over 30 years of obedience training experience which allows them to be so successful with transforming aggressive dogs.

Wondering if your dog might need aggressive dog training?

Here are a few signs and dog behavior that your dog could be aggressive.

- Leash aggressive

- Reactive to dogs or people

- Fearful dog aggression

- My dog is animal reactive or aggressive.

Please contact us at Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher located in Sherwood, Oregon for more information about private lessons or training.

leash aggressive dog training Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher
Upcoming clinics
dog obedience training clinic in oregon

Oregon Clinics

 The Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher team travels around Oregon to help dog owners understand their dog better. Clinics are one full day of learning, growth and fun between the dog owner and the dog.

Our goal with Oregon clinics are to equip dog owners with the best skills to lead their dog successfully and confidently.

Wondering about hosting a dog training clinic near you?

Give us a call at (503) 730-0827.

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