Get The Help You Need For Your Dog

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2015 Dog Demonstration

Every dog has the potential to be a good dog. They are wired to please and bond with their owners, but good behavior is not automatic and it needs to be taught and reinforced.  Marvin Pierce is committed to help you bring out the best in your dog.

Ask yourself…

  • Do you struggle with making your dog behave?
  • Have trouble keeping him off the furniture, trying to stop him from dragging you on walks, embarrassed by him jumping on visitors or, worse yet, growling or snapping at new people?
  • Are you thinking it is time to get help for you and your dog?
  • Is he or she hard for you to handle?
  • Are you afraid you or someone else is going to get hurt by your dog’s unruly behavior?

If you answered YES to any of those questions it means that it is time to get help for you and your dog so you can enjoy each other!

Let Marvin Pierce Show You How to Make

a Difference in Your Dog’s Behavior

Join a dog training clinic Bring your dog to a full or half day clinic where he will be in an environment rich with learning opportunities. Let Marvin show you the best ways to work with your dog so you can eliminate unwanted behaviors. You’ll also enjoy training successes with your clinic classmates!
Eliminate bad habits and enjoy your dog Marvin also offers one-on-one, group and drop-in dog lessons at his training facility and in some special cases will offer in home training. A private and group lesson can help you target specific behaviors such as barking, lunging or growling at people and other dogs while at home or out in public. We also have the added benefit that this is a working Ranch so we have various distractions we can train in and around. Weather permitting, we also have indoor and outdoor dog arenas.

Whether you choose a clinic group or private lessons, you’ll be thrilled with the results. You will gain the tools and experience to work with your dog and truly enjoy each other. And, soon you’ll be on your way to having the kind of well-behaved dog you’ll be comfortable taking anywhere with you!

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